How much time is wasted in businesses all over the world, due to conflict, misunderstanding and unmet needs?

Conflict Resolution image of man resolving conflict

Conflict Resolution

More importantly how much of your personal time, your team and your business’ time is being wasted? So, how can we resolve conflict, and reduce all this waste, cost and missed opportunities, and guarantee to save you time and money, whilst helping you create a culture of high performance?

We offer several solutions

………including coaching, culture change and communication workshops. The primary workshop is an SDI (Strength Deployment Inventory) based programme, looking at people at their best versus being in conflict. The programme helps participants understand conflict, the needs and motivations behind it, and how to resolve it for themselves, others and within the team.

This conflict resolution activity may be one of, if not the, best team building activities you will ever participate in. Learning to understand and resolve conflict, listen to people, connect with them, understand the needs and help find solutions can be incredibly powerful and have long lasting (positive) effects on the individuals and teams.

Investing in Conflict Resolution programmes – understanding, reducing and managing conflict – to up-skill managers, employees and leaders is a guaranteed way to save time and money, improve performance, productivity and value through increased customer engagement, sales and reputation.

According to CIPD, 25% of a managers time is wasted to unwarranted conflict – misunderstanding, poor communications, lack of trust – which is over a day per week, per manager of wasted time and salary! Add in the knock on effect that misunderstanding has in the teams and it all leads to a huge waste in time and salaries, missed opportunities, low employee engagement, poor performance, reduced customer service and profit.

Sadly, middle managers often get the blame, primarily because they are so important to the business and are often stressed, poorly resourced and inexperienced in dealing with people and people needs. There is a well-publicised figure that states poor Middle Managers cost the UK £220BN per year.

In this instance the definition of conflict is unmet needs; I don’t feel listened to, no one understands me, my skills aren’t appreciated, my boss doesn’t value me, and so on.

Ask groups ‘is there any conflict at work’, and the answer is often ‘no’. Ask team members about whether they feel valued, appreciated, understood or trusted and the answers are often ‘no, not really’, ‘of course not’, ‘not enough’, ‘my boss doesn’t care’, ‘it’s ok, not great…’ and so on. In other words, there are unmet needs and this is what we mean by conflict. Whether expressed or not, unmet needs causes conflict and conflict costs people, business and the country millions – if not billions- of pounds every year.

So, how can we resolve conflict, and reduce all this waste, cost and missed opportunities, and guarantee to save you time and money, whilst helping you create a culture of high performance?

We offer several solutions, including coaching, culture change and communication workshops, from 45 minute interventions to programmes lasting a few days with coaching and support over several months.  As mentioned our primary workshop to help clients understand self and others, and overcome conflict, is an SDI (Strength Deployment Inventory) based programme. The SDI tool helps clients understand themselves and others when they are at their best, and when they are in conflict.

One of the most powerful interventions (activities) we deliver, is a feedback session, aimed specifically at the individuals in the room, to help create understanding, connection, trust and engagement. This piece alone caused one Lloyds manager to write ‘’probably the best performance team workshop I have been on at the Bank in 18 years’’.

Conflict is best solved at the local level – me, we, us – as we have the answers, not ‘they’. This is far too important to be left in the hands of those in authority. Developing communication skills, specifically feedback and conflict resolution, directly improves relationships, leadership, trust, connection and engagement, which impacts positively on customers, sales and productivity.

To understand, reduce and manage conflict – guaranteed – call us. It is one of the best, most productive and valuable sessions we run.

If you want to get an insight into where there might be conflict in your team(s), try our free Team Dynamics Tool, as the results show insightful metrics from which you can uncover (unmet) needs, develop your team, reduce conflict and help people and teams spend more time being at their best.

Sessions run from introductory half days to 2-day highly interactive workshops. We also offer 45 minute interventions, coaching and follow up sessions to embed the learning and further empower your people to reduce conflict and be at their best, more often.